4 Reasons to Support Black Leaders

By: Whitney Grinnage-Cassidy

Take a look around our recent social climate. Lately, it has become a buzz phrase lately to “support black businesses” and “support black leaders.”

In the last few years, with the emergence of intense social justice movements, a spotlight has been placed on black leaders. There is increased emphasis to buy products, follow on socials, and spread the word about businesses and initiatives lead by black people.

At Strategic Solutions, we want to uplift this noise that black leaders are making.

Through the B.L.A.C model and other programs we offer, people from all walks of life can understand these 4 Reasons to Support Black Leaders.

1. Closing Wealth Gaps

Supporting black leaders helps a group of people with some of the lowest household wealth. There are economic systems of oppression everywhere in our world, but investing in black leaders is one way to begin to deconstruct them.

2. Job and Opportunity Creation

Supporting black leaders allows them to expand their business or craft. Not only does this create more jobs for people who need them, but it also creates opportunities for black leaders to venture farther out into the world. Every customer gets a black leader one step closer to the world’s stage and their ideal vision of success.

3. Representation: serving black communities

Representation is not just important in media. Arguably, it is even more crucial to have role models in real-life industries. Black leaders serve their communities with their businesses and initiatives, and supporting them increases their impact on supporters who look up to them. Representation matters, and Black leaders and a HUGE part of that.

4. Moving Toward Anti-racism

Lastly, supporting black leaders is another way that any individual can help take steps towards anti-racism. Furthermore, uplifting marginalized voices forces other big corporations to hold themselves accountable for promoting equity in their work.

Strategic Solutions cannot wait to inspire more and more people to understand these reasons to support black leaders. In fact, we want to make this even easier for you.

With a collection of black female leaders all in one place, the LeadHERship Impact Magazine will feature black women worldwide who are killing it in their communities. Check out this and our full LeadHERship Retreat coming this October 2021.

Black leaders are revolutionary. Let’s give them the support they deserve.



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