5 Ways College Students Can Kill It in the Business World


By: Whitney Grinnage-Cassidy

College is a very unique time in life. While enrolled, students are met with tons of opportunities to better their personal and professional lives. As a college student, the resources, time, and money are more available to accomplish big goals.

So, what better way to kickstart a career than to start a business in college?

Founding and running a business brings tremendous benefits, no matter the industry. College-age entrepreneurs can look forward to developing a sense of responsibility, a deep understanding of the business world, and how to turn any vision into success.

Young people have all the power to change the world. In fact, the world needs young minds and leaders desperately.

Are you a college student ready to be that change? Do you know any college students with the potential to run an amazing business venture? Well, Strategic Solutions has got you covered with our 5 Ways College Students Can Enter the Business World.

1. Research

What do people around the world need or want? What are some issues that you can take part in solving with your business. Research worldwide problems, topics, and areas that you can help to improve. Not only will this help make noise for your business, but you will be making a lasting impact on people who need it.

2. Think about your surroundings

Look around your communities. What could you do in a business venture to make life easier for people? Maybe you are from a low-income area that would benefit from a tie-production business. Maybe you live in an older neighborhood that would love to see young musicians play street concerts. Think about the little things specific to your local areas that would jumpstart a business.

3. What are you passionate about?

We all have activities that we absolutely love. What do you love to do? What activities could you not live without? If there is something out there that brings you joy, never be afraid to let that passion fuel a future successful business.

4. YOUR future

Think about what business industries will support your future career path the best. Try to strategically plan your business to enhance what you are studying in school. Consider creating a business that adds innovative elements to your classroom experience. You spend a lot of time on academics as a college student. Use this time to your advantage for your business.

5. Apply the B.L.A.C model to everything

The B.L.A.C model is more than just a model. It is a mindset that should be applied to everything that has to do with your business. Even ideas that seem the smallest can turn into successful businesses. Therefore, always keep business, leadership, assets, and credit in mind when brainstorming ideas, developing a strategic plan, investing money, talking to clients, and all other tasks your successful business may require.



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