Black Girl Magic & LeadHERship


By: Emmanuella Tsiboe

There is a different standard for black women in this world for any and everything. There are so many generalizations and standards around our existence, so when a black woman succeeds we praise them. Our appearance, cadence, and so on is always being scrutinized in the media. The youth being exposed to the following is damaging, which is why representation is so important.

With that being said, let’s discuss our LeadHERship Retreat and the importance of this cause. Innovation and quality leadership has a positive effect on business performance, hence it is essential to focus on development of these leaders across industries. The goal is to build spaces and support inclusivity & gender diversity. Ultimately, we NEED black women in positions of authority!

So, let’s shed some light on black girl that’s killing it in her field!

Zaila Avant-Garde

Now we’ve all heard of Akeelah and the Bee, but have you heard of Zaila Avant-Garde?

This excellent young lady (14 years old) recently won the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee. She became the first Black American to win in the competition’s history. The word that landed her this victory is the word ‘Murraya,’ a type of plant. I watched the clip of this victory taking place and I confidently spelled “Mariah” as a 19 year old, so I digress. This young woman is sending a message to other black girls who have been put in a box time and time again as a reminder that it isn’t their job to fulfill what society deems them as. Young black women are destined for greatness outside these societal shackles, and Zalia is just one example of many.

Black girl magic isn’t just a phrase, so how are you applying your black girl magic to the world today?



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