How the pandemic has changed how business is done


by: Emmanuella Tsiboe

The covid-19 Pandemic was a very difficult time for people across the globe. A wave of businesses were shut down in the process because of lack of profit and failure to adapt to abrupt changes. With that being said, business owners have a chance to redirect their focus to progress properly! Remember, change is simply redirection.


For the safety of people, most businesses began using technology to their advantage. Big businesses made use of curbside pickups and delivery, which promoted more jobs. People from home utilized Uber eats, door dash, Instacart and so on in order to avoid personal contact. In my defense, just make your way down to the drive-through because one thing Ubereats has learned how to do is take advantage of my wallet. But in their defense, I was lazy and let them take advantage of my wallet… so touché. Moving on, it is important to take note that not every business (especially small local ones) adapted properly to this shift. Unfortunately many people lost their businesses and their jobs because of the pandemic. There are two sides to every coin and change can be a very shaken transition especially in the midst of chaos like a global pandemic.

Overall, the covid-19 pandemic has already begun rewriting the future of business.


Naturally, people take things for granted until they’re gone or we need them. A lot of businesses failed to keep any sort of connection with their employees/ co-workers. As a result, the pandemic has helped shift the narrative of how important these people are. Everyone was going through different struggles and it was an essential task for business leaders to step up. In the works, there is a future filled with trust based foundations with employees/co-workers. Communication is always an essential skill to practice in order to truly take control of one’s business. With that being said, remote communication has become very important. Although it may be annoying to hear someone remind you to turn on your camera when you may have just woken up 3 minutes ago… and no, I’m not talking about myself. But hey, it beats coming in tired in person!

Everyone had a different experience with the pandemic and people are still feeling the after effects as we speak. I hope the pandemic wasn’t too harsh on whoever this reaches. I send my love and heart to you all.



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