Why Collaboration is Key for Black Womxn


By: Whitney Grinnage-Cassidy

Black womxn are powerful. We are leaders. We are world-changers who have the strength to make a tremendous difference in the world around them.

The world, however, isn’t always so responsive or welcoming to this strength of black womxn. It throws countless obstacles, challenges, and hurdles our way because of identities they were born with.

Yet, black womxn persevere as leaders, businesswomxn, CEOs, and so much more. But, it is important to ask here: how are we doing it? How are we fighting as hard as we can against systems of racism and misogyny to find success in our careers (specifically, in Strategic Solutions’ case, our business ventures)?

The answer is simple. Collaboration is Key.

As black womxn, we cannot elevate our own ventures without elevating someone around us. With so many barriers blocking us from living our best lives, we cannot afford to let a sister around sink when we could all be swimming. There is no room for competitive nature within our community. We damage our paths to success when we apply unnecessary burden to shoulders already carrying so much.

So, we must collaborate. By working together, we unlock new skills and connections that may have never been available to us before.

This is why Strategic Solutions cannot wait to develop our LeadHERship Impact Magazine that will showcase black womxn worldwide who are powerful individuals in their communities. By bringing these womxn together and uplifting their work, we will work towards a mission of inspiring people in the black community to strive towards success through means of collaboration, not competition.

Be on the lookout for updates about the digital magazine’s release, coming this October 2021!



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